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The four images to the right have a common geometrical / mathematical feature.  Find out the answer at SAVIG.

The goal of San Antonio Virtual and Interactive Geometry (SAVIG) classes is to spark the excitement, interest, and mental surprise in the study of geometry and mathematics. People of all ages explore the world of geometry through hands-on experiments and interactive and virtual presentations. The exhibit is under the direction of the UTSA Department of Mathematics. SAVIG is housed in the Lower Gallery of UTSA's Institute of Texan Cultures (ITC).

SAVIG activities encourage 3D and 2D spatial visualization and the discovery of geometric relationships—skills needed for our future mathematicians, scientists, engineers, artists, and many other professions. Activities utilize direct tactile and visual exposure to objects and concepts that have intrigued the ancient Greeks, Renaissance artists, mathematicians, and modern cosmologists. SAVIG allows visitors to explore traditional and novel concepts and activities in 3D geometry. It serves as a resource for teachers and provides a venue for group visits (maximum of 24 students/class). Examples of interactive demonstrations include soap-filming of wire-frame polyhedral models and hands-on dissections of cubes into pyramids. One of our more dynamic exhibits includes the display of a large 3D laser cone to illustrate the conic sections.

Presentations can be customized for a wide array of audiences including teachers, students, and groups of all ages. Groups may wish also to consider scheduling ITC museum and/or Back 40 tours in order to maximize your visit.

                Kindergarten – 5th Grade SAVIG Programs

                 Lesson duration for Kindergarten through 2nd grade students is 20-30 minutes while 3rd

                 through 5th  grade students will have a 45-60 minute lesson. Class sizes are limited to

                 accommodate up to 25 students.


               6th – 12th Grade SAVIG Programs

                Middle school students and older will have a 60-70 minute lesson in the SAVIG lab, with

                class sizes limited to between 5 to 20 students. Schedule a visit to the SAVIG lab and watch

                as your students get excited about mathematics. Visit SAVIG 6th - 12th for more



             Contact Information

                   For booking grades K-5, please call (210) 458-2291, or for more information email:

                       Carolyn Luna, Program Director, SAVIG Department of Mathematics, UT at San Antonio

                                                (210) 458-2244 or


                 For more information and for booking grades 6-12, contact:


                      Dr. Sandy Norman, Director, SAVIG Department of Mathematics, UT at San Antonio

                                                (210) 458-4494 or


                                                or visit


Sponsors and Contributors: SAVIG is seeking individual and corporate sponsors. This project is not state-funded. The goal of SAVIG is to inspire a greater interest in mathematics, the sciences, engineering, and the arts among Texas students and teachers. If you wish to offer financial support for this project, please call the University of Texas at San Antonio Advancement team at (210) 458-7672.

Information about SAVIG founder Dr. Stephen Juhasz


             Founding Director:  The late Dr. Stephen Juhasz, Adjunct Associate Professor, UTSA Dept.

                                           of Mathematics, formerly with Southwest Research Institute for 50 years. 

Director:   Dr. Sandy Norman, Chair, UTSA Department of Mathematics.

Program Director: Ms. Carolyn Luna (Dept. of Mathematics).


Thanks: Thanks are given for the inspiration of Dr. Tibor Tarnai, a member of the Hungarian

                         Academy of Sciences and a  friend of Dr. Juhasz, and to Southwest Research

                         Institute for supporting the creation of the original geometry exhibit.